Who's the boss?


It's us again :). People ask how we do it by working together all the time.  To be completely honest, we are still trying to figure it out too. HA!  We opened our own gym space in May of 2017.  In Feb of 2018 I quit my 9-5 and went full time free lance photographer + gym junkie with Sean.  I know when I walk into the gym, he's boss man.  Same goes for when we photograph weddings together, I GET TO BE IN CHARGE ;).  We really try to respect each others space when working with together. It has been so much fun growing both of our businesses.  90% of our conversations are ideas/ game planning about our business and I love how we are in both together.   

I am constantly blown away by all of the information he keeps in that brain of his.  I love listening to him coach people.  


Team work makes the dream work.


danielle DANIELLE