Our L.A. trip! StrongFirst Certification!

Sean and I flew out to L.A. at the end of March to complete the Level 1 Strong First Certification (http://www.strongfirst.com/).  We arrived late Thursday evening to L.A. with a little delay getting our rental car and someone (might have been me)  lost their cell phone while walking down a side walk.  Luckily Sean pulled up and tracked my phone and it was still there and when we finally made it to our AirBnB (which was the cutest pool house ever) we prepared for our early wake time and crashed.    

We arrived on Day 1 at the certification at 7:30 a.m.  excited/nervous to learn all the things.  Friday and Saturday we trained with kettle bells learning new movements and perfecting skills.  We would start the day at 8a.m. and leave at 6p.m.  We trained outside at a park where palm trees were visible, which is something I really enjoyed.  Too excited to just go home and rest after our long days of training, we went and enjoyed ourselves.  Friday night we went to a little strip of restaurants and stores and found ourselves pizza by the slice while walking to a wine bar.  Enjoying our cheers to each other while trying a wine flight and champange.  Then ended the night with tacos and ice cream.  

Day 2.  Saturday, trained again all day, keeping layers on this day from getting a little too much sun on Friday.  We were determined to see a beach that evening.  Leaving the training we drove to Marina Del Ray and saw the beach just as the sun wasn't visible anymore and snapped some quick pics!  Then we headed to an Italian restaurant that one of the locals referred us too!  As we were eating our pasta and drinking our wine, our server passed out song lyrics and the whole restaurant sang Amore while the employees walked around toasting glasses of wine! 

When a moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie
That's amore
When the world seems to shine like you've had too much wine
That's amore


We ended dinner with dessert and coffee and headed back to our AirBnB. 

Day 3. Sunday was test day.  We had to perform the skills we had learned and perfected the last two days and be observed by Strongfirst Instructors.  Then to complete our certifications we had to do kettle bell snatch test- 100 snatches in 5 minutes. 

We walked away from the weekend with new friends,  StrongFirst certifications, sore muscles, and happy hearts!

danielle DANIELLE