We LOVE to travel.  Our last adventure was at havasupia falls in arizona. Here is a vlog of our trip. I WAnt to go back every weekend! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_dRm7t8d0ho


Dani has been photographing weddings since 2013. We started dating in 2014 and I showed sean the wedding ropes in photography in 2016 & have been shooting together ever since!

we got married september 2017!

We own a gym out of OKC, PREVAIL STRENGTH AND FITNESS. Check it if your into being strong AF.  http://www.prevailstrengthandfitness.com

We thrive on adventures. Capturing couples is what excites us. 

We love coffee in the mornings and champagne/whiskey in the evenings. 

Lets hang out & create memories you’ll have forever.