How does travel expenses work?

Some photographers have set travel fees, we don’t. we just have you pay for the bare minimum (flight, transportation, stay) and we cover the rest. we are also open to staying with you, your family, camping or sharing an airbnb with you to help save you $MONEY.

we always book our own flights and rental car. we make sure to get your confirmation on logistics + price before booking anything to ensure there are no surprise costs on your end! Once we find the flights + stay, we will send an invoice first for that travel, then book it!

You can estimate costs by checking how much roundtrip flights are from OKC, how much hotels/airbnbs typically cost in the area we will be staying, & rental cars are typically around $50 per day or less when booked in advance.

When will I get my images back?

Since I have zero patience and would want my pictures back asap, I have a faster turnaround time than most photographers! you can expect for sessions getting them back in 2 weeks or less and weddings 6 weeks or less. I try to get them back to you as soon as possible while making sure I give time to each and every image needs.

Will you photoshop me?

we don’t alter the way you look other than skin blemishes or if you have bruise, cut, acne etc unless you otherwise specify. If you’re especially self conscious about something, please let me know as I’ll be sure to be extra aware of that while I’m posing you.